CSV was established as a Partnership in January 2008 and registered and operates as a private company from 1 March 2008. The three Directors, however, have a combined working experience of more than 75 years. This experience was gained while working with leading firms and institutions in the consulting, mining, utility and academic fields. They therefore bring with them a large amount of expertise to CSV.

The company was acquired by EOH Mthombo in November 2015.


• Dr Tony Ceronio, Pr Eng, MSAICE, FWISA, MAWWA

Tony is a civil engineer who has spent his professional life working on and around water and wastewater
treatment plants. His focus is on research and development work and performance assessment of civil
engineering infrastructure with a particular interest in regulatory support of plant owners and operators.
Tony serves on a number of Water Research Commission steering committees in this regard. This has led
to Tony being involved in a number of training initiatives. On a more technical level, Tony contributes to
the firm and projects in terms of feasibility studies, process design, and specialist reactor design. Tony has
some 30 publications to his credit.

• Mr Tony Smith, Pr Tech Eng, MWISA, MSAICE

Tony has spent most of his professional life in the design office and on construction sites. As such his detailed understanding of design, contracts and construction adds important skills to the CSV basket.
Tony’s work is characterised by accuracy and efficiency. Tony sees to the design, standards and specification generation, tender document compilation, tender evaluation and project management
within CSV. Tony has demonstrated particular skill in the mechanical engineering components of bulk infrastructure and is frequently called in by clients and contractors alike for a specialist opinion. Tony has been working in civil engineering and mechanical engineering since 1985.

• Mr Charl van der Walt, Pr Eng, Pr CPM, MSAIChE, FWISA

Charl has a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering and an Honours degree in Water Utilization. He is a
Professional Engineer and a Professional Project Manager. He has been involved in the water industry
since 1989 and has experience in the managing of projects, process- and detail design and contract
administration as well as some 4 years in research. Charl has served as a regional vice-chairman for
SAACE, as treasurer for the Oxidation and Disinfection Committee of WISA and often partakes in WRC
steering committee’s regarding research in water related projects. His particular fields of interest are in
the tertiary water treatment processes such as ozone, membranes and activated carbon. He is involved
with the DWS’s Blue Drop/Green Drop initiative and served as lead inspector on its panel.

Mr J.W. King; Mr E.A. Laher; Mr J. Mackay

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The Directors at CSV are supported by capable design and administrative staff namely:

• Mr Gustav Vlok, Pr Eng, MSAICE, MIMESA
Gustav’s is a registered professional engineer with experience in the water and sanitation industry since 2000.
Gustav’s experience ranges from involvement in feasibility study analyses to designing of water and
sanitation related infrastructure. Gustav’s design experience includes the hydraulic design of water and
sewage infrastructure. He has been responsible for the design of bulk water supply infrastructure which
includes sewage and water pumping stations of various capacities as well as the design of reticulation
networks, bulk pipelines and reservoirs. Gustav has completed his Masters degree in stochastic analysis of
bulk water supply systems. Gustav has been involved in the drafting of tender documentation and contract
management and for numerous projects.

• Dr Michele Kruger, Pr Eng, MSAICE, MWISA
Dr Kruger has Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Civil Engineering. She has been involved in
water projects since 2004 which includes managing of projects, client liaison, design and contract
management in the fields of water and wastewater treatment, sewer master planning, potable water,
reticulation design, sewer water reticulation design, open channel design, stormwater reticulation design,
stormwater attenuation, pollution control, bulk water transfer, industrial reticulation, fire protection and
opencast mine planning. Expertise and experience includes excellent knowledge of BIOWIN, HECRAS, MS
Office, communication skills and report writing skills.

• Mr Glen Makwanyane, Pr Eng, MSAIEE
Glen is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience in electrical and control & instrumentation
engineering on water and wastewater treatment plants. After qualification in 1998, has been active in, and
has been gaining experience in all aspects of electrical and control & instrumentation engineering as it
pertains to water and wastewater treatment.

Mrs Leanne Coetzee, Pr.Nat.Sci, MSc Agric (Microbiology), MWISA
Leanne has a Master’s Degree in Microbiology and is a Professional Natural Scientist. She started her career
in 1999 with experience in all aspects of drinking water treatment, analysis and operations. She managed the
City of Tshwane’s Blue Drop performance until 2012, including Water Safety Planning and compilation of all
information required for the Blue Water Services Audit. She has experience in managing the drinking water
laboratory and operation of water treatment plants. She enjoys plant optimisation and research and training
of process controllers and laboratory staff. She also sits on the SABS Technical Committee 147 Water Quality
as current Chairman and as the Chairman of International Standards Organisation (ISO) TC 147 Steering
Committee 1 Terminology. She is also a previous chairman of the WISA Water Science division and is a Class
6 process controller. She is a qualified Blue and Green Drop Lead Inspector. She has spoken at various
conferences/ seminars and submitted various papers.

• Mr Jaco Coetzee, Engineer: BEng (Civil)
Jaco is a Candidate Engineer and his experience includes assisting and supervising of water treatment plant
construction for mechanical and civil works. He is responsible for managing construction supervision,
payment certificates and detail drawings on-site. He is also responsible for investigating alternative water
treatment practises which will aid detailed design. He has experience in the design, costing, developing
control philosophy and project managing of various packaged water treatment solutions ranging from 100
m3/day to 5 Ml/d sizes. Jaco completed his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of
Pretoria in 2010, whereafter he started his experience in the water field.

• Mr Louis Krouwkamp, Engineer: BEng (Mechanical), MWISA
Louis started his career in the water and wastewater industry after qualifying as a Mechanical Engineer in
2009. He started in the construction industry where his focus was on the design and manufacturing and
installation of equipment for wastewater treatment industry. Thereafter he moved to equipment sales in the
water and wastewater industry where he was responsible for equipment design, equipment specification,
tendering and client liaisons. Louis joined CSV in August 2015 where he took up responsibilities related to
mechanical plant design and specification for water and wastewater plants. Louis has submitted his
application to ECSA for Professional Mechanical Engineer.

• Ms Fay van Vuuren
Fay started in the drawing office in 1986 and has been focussing on the water treatment field since then. She
is responsible for the production of drawings, quality assurance of drawing standards and the training and
supervision of drawing office staff.

• Mrs Carola van Dam (du Plooy)
Carola is Administrations Manager and has been working in an engineering environment since 1982. Carola
provides administrative support during the execution of CSV’s projects. She is proficient in the software
required for administrative functions as well as some engineering software such as Microsoft Projects and Bill.
She is also responsible for the maintenance of our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.

• Mrs Rita Erasmus
Rita is responsible for financial control of projects and has been working in the water environment since 2001.
She is proficient in the software required for the financial function of the company and its projects. Her main
functions include the generation of accurate and timeous internal and external financial reports on the
company and also to assist with the financial management of engineering projects.

CSV (subsidiary of EOH) is certified as a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor and therefore enjoys 135% BEE recognition under current legislation. CSV acknowledges its responsibility regarding BBBEE, its community
and the environment and actively supports BBBEE principles through the appointment of appropriate candidates, the development of its staff, the selection of its partners and suppliers and the realisation of its social responsibility. In addition to this CSV will execute its duties in an environmentally responsible manner.


CSV runs a fully operational consulting engineering office. It has sufficient and appropriate technology in
place and uses advanced software to execute it responsibilities in a professional and responsible manner.

CSVwater is an ISO9001:2008 certified company. Its quality management systems are therefore recognised
as being of the highest standards.

CSV carries adequate Professional Indemnity insurance for the projects it undertakes. CSV is a member firm
to Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) Association and considers itself bound to the Code of Conduct
issued by CESA.

The Directors and senior technical staff members of CSV are registered with the Engineering Council of South
Africa, South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions and the South African Council for Project and
Construction Management Professions as professional practitioners and are members of the following
organisations and institutions:

South African Institute of Civil Engineering (SAICE)
South African Institute of Chemical Engineering (SAIChE)
SA Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE)
The South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Professions (SACPCMP)
Water Institute of South Africa (WISA)
American Water Works Association (AWWA)
International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)
Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMESA)

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